2020 Events - News from the Chapters

Many events moved to become Online Virtual events. These provided opportunities to participate directly from your home or office, without having to travel.


11 March 2020
IMAPS-UK Webinar ‘Design For Manufacture’
A Free-to-Join Event

The presentation examined the different categories and types of Vibration/Environmental and Reliability tests and discussed why we use differing types of test and discuss where some types of test are applicable and where others are not. Also examined why we still physically test in the era of Computer Aided Engineering


17 April 2020
The First IMAPS-UK Online Tutorial Sessions
Die Attach and Interconnects

The presentation discussed the Die attach and Interconnects aspects which are two of the most critical processes for Semiconductor packaging and are therefore vital to get it right first time to ensure quality and reliability. As every application has different requirements, there is also a wide range of die attach and interconnect technologies available. This first half of the session will focus on Pb-free die attach options, their processes and associated failure modes, including a review of the latest sinter materials. The second half of the session focused on interconnect technologies and their limitations, including a review of double sided bonding as an alternative for wire-bonds.


1 May 2020
The second in the series
The Future for Substrates 

The future is being driven by our desires as users, for example: we want convenience, more videos, thin phones and a clean environment, all at low cost. In the end, this percolates down to our substrates. The presentation examined future substrate technology for circuits that may address our desires. Every substrate technology aims to eliminate waste and improve performance, this is showing up in the great fluidity in the structure of circuits.  In the drive for waste reduction and cost saving, what will disappear: the substrate, solder, SMT components? The following topics were discussed: the constant fight between lower cost substrates and performance; the fluidity of future circuit structures; the potential rise of flexible substrates; the rise of substrates that can handle power and heat; from completely flat circuit assemblies to 3D shapes. It is important for us to try to estimate the future to prevent our businesses dying and to understand how to improve our products.


Events planned for 2020 and actually delivered virtually (online)


14th & 15th May 2020
The 43rd ISSE - International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology

The International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology (ISSE) is one of the renowned conferences encompassing all topics around electronics technology and is attended every year by more than 100 experts and young researchers from all over the world. This year's event, the 43rd in the ISSE series, was planned to be held in Hotel Grand Jasna, in the beautiful Demanovska Valley - Slovakia, Europe (<https://isse2020.fei.tuke.sk/>). However, due to the Corona pandemic which came over Europe in last March the event was organised as a Webex conference, since the abstract submission, the review process, and a draft of the conference technical program was already completed at that time. The change from the usual mode of a four-day event with personal attendance with an extensive cultural program to a two-day live (not recorded) online conference with a condensed technical program was a big one.


15 May 2020
The third in the series
Metallurgical Considerations for Electronics Packaging

Electronics packaging involves a wide range of materials, including base and precious metals often in unusual combinations. Whilst many of the limitations of certain combinations, for example, Au wire on Al bond pads on devices, which can lead to bond failures through “purple plague” are known, the desire to place electronics in ever harsher environments means that an understanding of metallurgical interactions becomes more important for product reliability.


28 May 2020
Power and High Temperature Conference went Online—
‘Electronics Manufacturing Challenges and Solutions for the Electric Revolution’

IMAPS-UK held a free online one day Conference on Thursday 28 May 2020 on the topic of Power and High Temperature, where attendees learnt about the latest developments in materials and assembly processes to address the challenges of extending the temperature capabilities of micro-electronics for the Electric Revolution. The Conference attracted over 200 registrants from 16 countries and covered many aspects of designing, manufacturing and testing of power and high temperature electronics, where miniaturisation, thermal management, electrical performance and reliability are critical features that need to be optimised.


17 June 2020
This Is Not Your Father’s Semiconductor Packaging - An EDA Perspective

The webinar was presented by John Park of Cadence Design Systems

Free for students and IMAPS members

Semiconductor foundries are accelerating their offerings for advanced packaging. This sea-change in the advanced packaging market brings several important new solutions to the industry as well as significant design and analysis challenges for the packaging engineer. Many packaging professionals are becoming aware that the typical design flows used today for BGA packages have gaps when targeting the newer 2.5D-/3D-IC packaging technologies. Overviewed the trends and advancements for foundry-based 2.5D-IC, 3D-IC, and FOWLP solutions and the challenges and benefits of new design flow for foundry-based packaging.


26 June 2020
Semiconductor Package Selection – Online event
Andy Longford, PandA Europe



10 July 2020
Modelling for Reliability/Lifetime Prediction – Online event
Chris Bailey, University of Greenwich



28-29 July 2020
SMTconnect goes digital



01 September 2020
Electronics Goes Green 2020+
The Story of Daisy, Alexa and Greta

The Electronics Goes Green Conference 2020 was an outstanding event for the growing global community of scientists, product developers, business managers, and policy makers working on environmentally benign processes, products, systems, and business models in and for the electronics and ICT industry.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Electronics Goes Green 2020 Conference was moved online and was an on-demand virtual event of pre-recorded presentations combined with a live event on 01 September 2020.



15-18 September 2020
ESTC 2020 goes virtual
8th Electronics System-Integration Technology Conference

As a response to the pandemic COVID-19 situation, ESTC 2020 moved to a 100% virtual platform, and the conference was be carried out live. The live format allowed interaction similar to an in-person conference. The digital format included catch up presentations in parallel sessions..



16 September 2020
MicroTech 2020 Conference Goes Online: Advanced Packaging

Due to the ongoing exceptional circumstances resulting from the global Covid-19 pandemic, IMAPS-UK moved the MicroTech 2020 to be online on Wednesday 16th September 2020 and was Free to Attend for IMAPS members.

Having already received a confirmation of support from many of our speakers, the excellent conference agenda was mainly unchanged.



5-8 October 2020
53rd International Symposium on Microelectronics
Originally intended to be held in San Diego, USA

53rd International Symposium on Microelectronics was organized by IMAPS North America (IMAPS-NA) and was held as an online Virtual conference. The  Technical Programme comprised original papers that present progress on technologies throughout the entire microelectronics/packaging supply chain featuring 5 technical tracks, plus an Interactive Poster Session, that spanned the three days of sessions.


19th – 24th October
The Week of The Electronics Packaging Community
2 Events online: TIE-plus

The INTERCONNECTION TECHNIQUES IN ELECTRONICS (TIE) contest is a student professional contest whose objective is to promote technological computer aided design (CAE-CAD-CAM) of electronic modules. This contest brings together students from different Universities since 1992.

& Symposium SIITME

The live format allowed interaction similar to an in-person conference. The digital format will give new possibilities, such as recording of presentations allowing to catch up presentations in parallel sessions.

IMAPS-Romania Student Branch Chapter Kick-off Meeting


12 November 2020,
Making Sense of Sensors Workshop

This Workshop, organised by IMAPS-UK, focused on the packaging challenges presented by the many varied applications driving the growing use of Sensors in our world.

Touching on Technologies & Assembly Processes common to all areas of the Microelectronics community, Making Sense of Sensors provided insights into numerous packaging techniques and the opportunity to learn from leading Industry Experts and Equipment Manufacturers.



3rd December 2020
IMAPS-Hungary App: Quiz Contest on Soldering Technology

Launched on the 3rd of December. The quiz were put on the "BME VIK" app, consisting of 50 questions about soldering definitions, materials, pwb, components, and the related topics.

The contest was promoted through the BME university media, newsletter of MELT (National Electronics Society of Hungary - association of Hungarian electronic industrial companies, SMEs) and among numerous secondary schools (vocational and "technical institute" style).

Until we can organize again a live hand-soldering and electronics technology contest, this first online quiz gave good experience and showed us that there are interested students, who are willing to participate in further events (93 contestants).

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